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Suburban Wildlife at Sydney Film Festival

"McCluskey and co writer Béatrice Barbeau-Scurla add a contemporary specificity to this milestone moment. This generation’s existential crisis is underpinned by fatalist outlook. The inherent tragedy is the ongoing arrested development that it ascribes to the millennial generation. We’re not suspending our disbelief to see James Dean as a teen in Rebel Without a Cause, we’re seeing technically educated but ‘life stupid’ graduates pulsing to pass the prescribed and fleeting single relationships or sexual encounters without the shame of stuttering or stumbling."

"This was beautiful, appropriately messy and inspiring/jealousy inducing beyond words. major props to any film willing to dedicate a whole scene to the simple pleasure of enjoying a bubble 'o bill"
"This movie speaks to me. I think it spoke to everyone that I watched it with in different individual ways to each person. I wanted to know everything about the lives of each individual character but the intricate perfect mix of the 4, and the unspoken nuances of their relationship, was perfect. "

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