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FilmInk Review

FilmInk has done a fabulous write up about my debut feature, Suburban Wildlife.

"New Australian indie, Suburban Wildlife, depicts the malaise of transitioning from your youthful circle of friends to an adult life, and announces the arrival of a talented pool of young actors and filmmaker Imogen McCluskey."

"Co-written with Beatrice Barbeau-Scurla, Suburban Wildlife features Hannah Lehman (The Out-There) as Louise, Maddy McWilliam as Nina, Priscilla Doueihy as Alice and Alex King as Kane, who are all compelling and convincing as a suburban posse who have known each other for years, but who are about to set out on their own individual journeys into adulthood."

"With its truthful and wistful depiction of life in Australian suburbia, seen through the eyes of four intelligent protagonists unsure of what the future holds, Suburban Wildlife signals the arrival of an exciting group of talented screen storytellers that we will see and hear much more about in the coming years. For now, though, “we’re currently crossing our fingers for the festival circuit and seeking out distributors,” says McCluskey."

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