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I am a screenwriter and comedian who loves working within the Australian film and television industry. I want to create engaging Australian screen stories that appeal to a global audience.


My focus is writing stories that flirt with genre with some element of comedy throughout. I adore collaborating with others and breaking a story. From note taking in writers’ rooms to typing out scripts, I love to create stories! After graduating from the Masters of Screenwriting at AFTRS, I’ve come out with a slate of projects that I’m excited to work on and develop further!

Original Concepts

Want to work with me? Send me an email via the contact page and lets grab a coffee and chat.​

How we can work together

Looking for someone to develop your project with? I can do any of these roles. ​

  • Storyliner

  • Brainstormer

  • Breaking story

  • Additional writer

How I can help you

Want some feedback on something you're creating? I can help!​​

  • Notes/punch ups

  • Creating pitch documents

  • Creating research documents

  • Notetaker

Feature film



When a group of teenagers break into an abandoned caravan park for schoolies they get more than they bargained for when they discover that the local Ibis population are determined to murder every single one of them...

Writer. Story by Béatrice Barbeau-Scurla and Matthew J. Ford


6 x 30 Min Television Series

TV Series


On the cusp of turning twenty-seven, a cynical millennial, anthropomorphic fox grappling with his ever-complex human friendship group gets thrown into flux when his high school friend returns to Sydney, forcing him to face the so called ‘reality’ of the disappearance of their best friend ten years prior.

Writer and Creator


8 x 30 min Podcast



When a new dating app comes to town and young women start disappearing, two girls who run a dating podcast accidentally unearth a cult that has sacrificed women to keep their small country town afloat.

Writer. Story by Béatrice Barbeau-Scurla and China White.

8 x 15 min Webseries


Halted Development

Three delusional young women run a detective agency and bungle every case with their incompetence.

Writer and Creator with Lauren Bonner and Concetta Caristo

Expiry Date

Dumb Bitch Detective Agency

5 x 5min Webseries




In the year 3010, the role of prime minister is so undesirable that it is drawn by a national lottery and bumbling idiot, Aaron Chen is elected to be the next PM of Australia.

Storyliner and Additional Writing

Feature Film

Feature Film

of Age


Following their recent graduation, four friends distract themselves from the looming responsibilities of adulthood. But as the boundaries between real and surreal blur, they are faced with decisions that will define the rest of their lives.

Co-written with Imogen McCluskey.

Chen PM 3010

Suburban Wildlife