Passionate about telling engaging and diverse stories Australia and the world needs to see. 

I adore working with a team and bringing projects to life. I'm very selective about the projects I work on and am currently not looking for producing work. However, I'm always open for meeting up, giving advice or helping anyway I can!


Final day of shooting 'Suburban Wildlife'. We didn't have a sound recordist that day so I made do!


My first film school project, 'Psychostasia' that I wrote, produced and directed.

chen pm team

The 'Chen PM 3010' team in 2018.


On the set of 'Gronks' with AD, Linus Gibson.


Screen Forever Conference 2019


'Suburban Wildlife' Cast and Crew at the Sydney Film Festival Premiere


Alexei handing me the copy of 'Drago' after the success of his podcast 'Finding Drago'.


On the set of 'Gronks' in 2017.


The 'Suburban Wildlife' team at the industry premiere of the film.


AFTRS - Top Tips Series

AFTRS approached me to pick my brain on my top tips for project funding based on my experience with Chen PM 3010 being successful in generate development funding from Screen Australia. I also talk about the benefit of crowdfunding like we did for Suburban Wildlife.

In the video I talk about:

  1. Understand why they'd want your story

  2. Know where your project is going

  3. What is great about your team?

Click to play video.

Applying for Project Funding

AFTRS - Top Tips Series

AFTRS approached me to pick my brain on my top tips for navigating film festivals based on my experience with Suburban Wildlife and being in charge of the marketing for it's World Premiere at Cinequest film and Creativity Festival and it's Australian Premiere at Sydney Film Festival. 

In the video I talk about:

  1. Doing your research

  2. Coming prepared

  3. Making social media your best friend

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Navigating Film Festivals