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Suburban Wildlife listed in Best Australian Films of the year by The Curb

Suburban Wildlife was added to a list of Best Australian Films of the year by The Curb.

"They realise the momentous challenge that they face just to try and get ahead in life, and it’s not going to be easy. This is reflected in the way that director Imogen McCluskey and co-writer Béatrice Barbeau-Scurla managed to make this film for a mere $4000. While that should sound impressive (it is), it’s a mildly devastating reinforcement of the themes of Suburban Wildlife. Here are two exceptionally talented filmmakers who should be given the chance to make films with a budget, but that’s not the reality of the Australian film industry, and it’s not their reality. If anything, the proof of their ingenuity and ability to make a film this good on no budget at all is reason enough to feel that these younger generations will be ok."

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