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Scenestr | Bea Barbeau-Scurla Makes It Make Sense At MICF

"In 2022, Bea Barbeau-Scurla presented a draft of a show at Sydney Fringe, which ended up selling out.

That show, 'I Don't Know How This Will End' has evolved into 'HOUSE', which Bea is presenting as part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) this year. 'HOUSE' is a vulnerable, hilarious account on how cleaning up a hoarder's house helped her reckon with her own childhood, and how letting go of your past can be just as important as acknowledging it.

Bea has written a feature film, opened for the likes of Wil Anderson and Geraldine Hickey, and will now give MICF audiences a story about an upbringing bringing you down, and endear them to reflect on their own lives.

We learn more from Bea ahead of the show."

Read my full interview with Scenestr here:

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